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Ratibida columnifera subsp. pulcherrima


Mexican Hat or Dwarf Yellow Mexican Hat or Upright Prairie Coneflower or Long-headed Coneflower or Columnar Prairie Coneflower. Asteraceae:

Some all yellow flowers but most with purplish-brown with yellow at the apex. Drought tolerant plants that grow 1.5 to 2.5 feet tall and put on a good display even under hot conditions. Plants will bloom the first year with an early sowing.

Zones 4-9

A native wildflower of the Great Plains of the USA. Use 9 weeks at 25 to 39F, You can wet the glassin packet and place -it in a plastic zip-lock bag or Sow in a small bag with moist medium and put in the fridge, After sow into a pot or tray and move to 80F for germination. Fresh seed has some dormancy and dried/older seed loses the dormancy and germinates quicker. Since this seed has been dried and stored you can sow it right away and use 55-75F with germination starting in 10 days and spread-out over a number of weeks.

200 seeds