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Mentha pulegium 'Pennyroyal'



Here is a creeping plant with a scent, used as a ground cover or filler. It is an attractive and useful small creeping plant with a strong minty scent. The scent is said by some to remind them of wintergreen. Once established plants form fast traveling, dense mats of glossy sheened, dark green leaves. The lavender colored flowers are produced in whorls around the tops of the stems. This species has chemicals that repel insects, and is often used in gardens to repeal insects from other garden plants. It should NOT be consumed, because it is toxic if eaten above a certain amount; the oils in the plants are high in pulegone, a highly toxic volatile organic compound, which harms the liver.

Zones 6 to 9. Or grown as an annual plant in more northern locations. Native to Ireland, and across southern and central Europe, to the Ukraine. Surface sow seeds and use 65-75F, germination in 5-34 days.

300+ seeds