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Angelica gigas


Korean Angelica

Different looking plants with large leaves and umbels of dark purple-red flowers and stems, it flowers late in the year adding color and interest to the shade garden when other plants are past their prime. Angelica gigas has dark green foliage that is deeply cut. Plants grow 3 to 4.5 feet tall. Flowers look like red-maroon clubs as they form. Blooms in August and September. Plants have large attractive compound leaves. Grow in moisture retentive soils in part shade, dry soil produces smaller plants with less attractive foliage and less impressive flowers umbels. Deer do not eat Angelica gigas and some people are sensitive to its sap, which can produce a mild burning sensation. Will flower the second year if the seeds germinate in spring and early summer, plants tend to be monocarpic and die after seed formation. Cut spent flowers before seeds begin to form to keep plants alive, or allow to self-seed. For extra flower production do not allow the plants to bloom for two or three years. Insects love the flowers, and ours are always full of various native bees and butterflies.

Zones (4)5-9

Surface sow the seeds of Angelica gigas and press firmly onto the soil medium and use F 55, germination is spread out over many months, do not discard seed tray until after 24 months. Keep medium moist at all times but not wet. Sometimes this seed needs two cold periods. Each lasting 6 weeks, with a 4-week warm period before each cold period. Fresh seed germinates the quickest with older seed needing the two different cold periods to break down dormancy. Sow in early spring for germination in a few weeks, surface sow the seeds, light needed for best results.

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