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Asclepias physocarpa


Family Jewels Tree or Hairy Balls or Balloon Plant or Goose Plant Asclepiadaceae:

No comment on some of the common names for this plant. Small non-showy flowers, are followed by round attractive and curious seeds pods with some spines (note some of the common names). Asclepias physocarpa grows 4 to 6 feet tall. It is a food source for the caterpillars of Danaus butterflies, and is a good Monarch butterfly food and habitat plant.

Zones 7-10

Asclepias physocarpa is native to southeast Africa, but is also widely naturalized in other parts of the world. Soak seeds in hot water for 36 hours, changing the water with fresh water after 12 hours, Surface sow, light needed for best germination in 1-3 weeks at F 75. If little germination after 4 weeks use four weeks in the fridge.

20 seeds