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Angelica sylvestris 'Vicar's Mead'

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Angelica sylvestris 'Vicar's Mead''. Please check back later.
Wild Angelica or Woodland Angelica or  Ground Ash (an-JEL-ee-kuh: sil-VESS-triss)  Apiaceae:

Biennials, plants have dark reddish-purple stems and leaves described as maroon to burgundy. An attracive plant in the garden, growing a little shorter than the species.  The flowers open in late summer or early fall and are soft pink in color and age to white and fade to pink as they dry.  Grows up to 6 feet tall, and does best in well drained but moister retentive soils. 

Zones 4-8

Lightly cover seeds and use F 60 germination is spread out over a few months, do not discard seed tray until after 24 months. Keep medium moist at all times but not wet. Sometimes this seed needs two cold periods. Each lasting 6 weeks, with a 4 week warm period before each cold period.

30 seeds