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Crambe cordifolia

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Sea Kale or Colewort Brassicaceae:

This domineering plant grows 60 inches tall, with large white flower heads over large blue green leaves. This is not a plant for small areas but given the space that it needs will impress those that visit and look upon its large floral display. The flowering stalk is large and may need a stake to keep it upright (More so in shady locations). the leaves are up to 2 feet long and heart-shaped, they have long petiols, and arre arranged around the base of the plant to from a loose, low mound. the foliage can have a variety of lobing and have coarse toothed edging. The foliage can be damaged by insects but using a systemic insecticide offers good control. A well-grown plant can be over five feet tall and five feet wide. Use this plant in full sun in moist but well draining soils or part shade. The blooms are made up of thousands of small sized, white colored, starry shaped flowers that have a somewhat sweet fragrance and are at their peek bloom in early summer. Use in deep, rich soils that hold moisture all season long but are well draining. Under dry conditions plants become 'tough' looking. One might call this a giant 'Baby's Breath that does not bloom as long but has huge leaves like a rhubarb plant.

Zones (3)5-9.

This is not a hard plant to grow from seed, just give the seeds time to germinate but the seedlings will not flower until they are 2 or 3 years old.

Germination in 3-6 (12) weeks at 60 F. The seeds are large and pea-like with a light whitish tan color, the 'seeds' are light and round in shape and float around on the soil surface on sheets of water during rain storms.

30 seeds