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Dianthus deltoides 'Zing Rose'


'Pinks' or 'Maiden Pink' (dye-AN-thus: dell-TOY-deez) CARYOPHYLLACEAE:

Very showy flowers in bright rose red. Nice thick green foliage with a lot of flowers. Forming a carpet of color for many weeks in early summer and blooming on and off until frost, regulare deadheading will produce greater bloom later in the season. Plants are about 6 inches tall when in bloom and 6-8 inches wide. Very bright colored flowers over low growing, dense foliage, with plants looking attractive placed at the front of the border or rock garden. They will tolerate some light shade and do well on dry soils. Do not drastically cut back old foliage, as this will reduce flowering for that year. Great as a mass planting around a mailbox or large rock. The flowers are larger than standard D.deltoids types.

Zones 3-10.

100 seeds