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Dictamnus albus var. albiflorus

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[Dictamnus fraxinella] Gass Plant or Dittany or Burning-Bush (dik-TAM-nus: AL-bus) Rutaceae:

White flowers on bush-like plants that grow 3 feet tall. Blooms late spring and early summer, the blooming period is not very long but the foliage is also attractive. Grow in sun to part shade in soils that drain well and are moderately rich. Plants take a few growing seasons to become established and for the best looking plants they should be moved into their permanent location while still relatively small, the planting of larger potted plants often do not do as well. Once established the plants are long lived.

Zones 3-7

Best when sown outdoors in late summer or use 6 weeks at 72F, then 8 weeks at 37, use 45-50F for germination. Seeds can also be sown into a plastic bag and the above regime followed. Use the refrigerator for the cold period. Pluck out seeds as they germinate and pot up.

30 seeds