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Euphorbia polychroma

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Cushion Spurge

Use in dry sandy or rocky soils. Plants form a rounded, basketball-sized clump of yellow 'flowers' in early spring. Growing 12 to 18 inches tall. Showy and neat clumps in the spring with a few weeks of flowering and in summer the plants are covered with little round, yellow-green buttons atop light green foliage. Leaves turn a reddish color in the fall. Euphorbia polychroma is very drought tolerant and not for wet soils or for those that like to over fertilize. Plants grow from a deep carrot-like taproot. Best shape and growth - in full sun on soils that are nitrogen poor. Much loved in spring when in bloom with bright sulfur yellow bracts. Plants are neat and tidy all summer in even very poor soils were other plants burn up and pass away. Will bloom in two years. Some reseeding on open bare ground. Plants bloom the second year. Deer do not eat them but rabbits sometimes do.  The seeds are large and easy to sow.

Zones 4-9

 Seed germination is spread-out over many weeks. Surface sow seeds, light needed for best results. Keep moist but not overly wet and use 45 to 50F (50F = 10C).

 50 seeds