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Eupatorium maculatum (wild)


[Eutrochium maculatum] Spotted Joe-Pye Weed Asteraceae:

Eupatorium maculatum (wild) is the native wild form of this herbaceous perennial that grow 5.5 to 7 feet tall with strong stems that support good sized clusters of rose-purple flowers in late summer. The species name maculatum, means spotted, and it was given this name because of the purple spots on the stem. Plants grow best in rich, moist soils in sun to part shade. Eupatorium maculatum forms a slowly expanding clump, so after a few years it can be a number of feet wide. Loved by butterflies and bees.

It is native to North America, from Missouri east to the Atlantic Ocean and as far north as Ontario and Quebec, south to Kentucky, where is is found growing in marshes, rich fens and swamps.

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