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Hieracium aurantiacum


Orange Hawkweed or Fox and Cubs or Hawkweed [Pilosella]

Plants have short very hairy leaves with flowering stems 12 to 24 inches tall. Attractive, bright-almost glowing orange-red colored flowers shaped like small daisies, the flowers have reddish out sides and bright orange centers. Plants are for the rock garden and mass plantings. Keep in mind this is a weedy one that spreads both by seeds and runners. Does well in dry soils and in grass were mowing will not keep it in check. Flowers for a long period in early to mid summer. Use in poor soils in full sun. This is one of those plants that is best planted in one of those locations were every thing else you have tried has not performed well. I like the plant and the flowers, but one needs to keep an eye on it, thankfully it is not one of those over powering growers that smother every thing in it's path but only takes whatever bare ground it can find. Rabbits and Grouse like to feed on the leaves and seeds.

Zones 4-9

Cannot be sent to: ID,MT,WA,CO,OR. Banned in Australia.

100 seeds