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Hosta 'Mixed Seeds'



Made up of seed collected from many different plants, most will have green or yellow or blue-green leaves. Includes a balance of large leafed types and small to dwarf plants. Most all should be good landscape plants, with a good number with choice, thick leaves. Seeds are easy to germinate and plants are reasonably fast growing. A wide mix that includes many of the more modern types with wavy margins.

Zones 3-9. Lightly cover seeds with seed mix and use 65-80 F, Germination in 10-20 days. The warmer the soil temp the faster the germination. Plants can be grown under 24 hour lights in the winter with very good results from a fall sowing. A very economical way to fill in a shady location with different and unique plants. Seeds are from a few hundred hybrid varieties, and leaf color and shape develops as the plants age, with seedlings not showing there true potential until they are a few years old.

Zones 4-9

Lightly cover seeds, germination 7-25 days at F.65 - 75. If little germination move to 32-39F for 30 days, then back to 70F. Can be grown over winter under 24 hour lights with very good results. Hosta species are native to Japan, Korea, and China.

200 seeds