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Iliamna rivularis


'Kankakee Globe-Mallow' or 'Peter's Mountain Mallow' or 'Streambank Wild Hollyhock' or 'Streambank Globe Mallow' Malvaceae:

Dense racemes of good sized, lavender-pink hollyhock like flowers produced on sturdy stems that grow 3 to 6 feet tall. The plants bloom from June through August. Wild hollyhock has one or many stems that have five to seven-lobed, heart-shaped leaves. This perennial species grows from a woody caudex. Seeds have a very hard coat and can remain viable in the soil for more than 50 years (up to 200 years), germination is often triggered after a wildfire. The species name means something like 'from rivers'. Grow in full sun with moist but well drained soils that have a gritty texture.

Native east of the Cascade Range, from British Columbia and Alberta east to Montana and south to Oregon and Colorado, where it is found growing on sunny mountain stream banks, in meadows and on open forest slopes, in moist gravelly soil.

Zone 3-7

100 seeds