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Leonurus cardiaca



Leonurus cardiaca is a weed that freely seeds it's self around, but apparently some people use it for 'medicinal' purposes. Coarse leaves are toothed and stems are square with somewhat bristly hairs. Flowers are pinkish-white with soft purple-white throats with darker dots. The flowers are born in sharply pointed calyxes that make this plant a pain to weed out with bare arms. Plants grow 3 feet or so tall, but when found growing in and around the woods they can reach a height of 4 or more feet. I find that this plant has a displeasing scent to it and in my mind I lump it in with catnip, as unpleasant and to be avoided as much as I can. Flowers in late July and August. This perennial will grow into a multi-branched clump from a semi-tap root. Thankfully it's easily extracted from the ground and not one to leave small parts around to come back to life like some other 'weeds' out there.

Leonurus cardiaca is native to Europe and naturalized in North America. Grow in full sun or part shade in most any soil except wet. Lightly cover Motherwort seeds, germination in 2 weeks at 65 F.

100 seeds