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Lilium regale


Regal lily or Kings Lily

Plants have trumpet-shaped flowers held out horizontally at the top of the stems in clusters of 2-20. The flowers are 6 to 7 inches long with the white petals on the inside with a yellow base and pink to purple tinted on the outside. In a few years this seed will produce plants with wide, oval, wine red bulbs up to 5 inches wide. Best used in the ornamental garden. Were they have no special requirements regarding soil type if it is rich and well draining in the fall and winter. They can be used from lightly shady to full sun exposure. Plants will grow 3 to 6 feet tall.

Zones 4-9

Native to western China. Soak seeds in warm water for 24 hours then use 30 days at 65-74F, Note that the leaves form a few weeks after the seed germinates. If no germination use 4-8 weeks at 32- 39F, move to 50-60F for germination.

50 seeds