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Monarda citriodora

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Monarda citriodora'. Please check back later.

Lemon Mint or Purple Horse Mint or Oswego tea and Bee Balm (mo-NARD-ah cit-ree-DOO-ra)

lemon-scented leaves and flowers attractive to bees, drought tolerant with lavender-pink flowers. Plants grow 1-3 feet tall and are upright with a width of 12 inches. Perennials or annuals that should be grown in moisture retentive soils in full sun to light shade. Plants bloom in early summer and have flowers on them to late summer. This member of the mint family is loved by butterflies and bees. The scented foliage is a welcome addition to the wild flower garden or sunny borders, plants will self sow were happy.

Native of south-central US including the states of Texas, Missouri, and Kansas. Plants are said to be deer resistant.

Very lightly cover seeds and use 70F, germination in two weeks, if little germination, then move to the fridge for three weeks.

100 seeds