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Primula beesiana


A beautiful variety of Candelabra type Primrose with reddish-purple colored flowers. Plants grow about 2 feet tall. A long lived species of Primula - as long as you give them some shade and some steady moisture. Late spring blooming and clump forming plants.

Zones 5-9. Surface sow seeds and use F 60-70, germination is spread out over a month or so. Might be helpful to seal up in a plastic bag. If no germination in 4 weeks move to to 30-39F for five weeks. Then back to 65F. Keep moist, seedlings start off small so be careful when watering - if you can water from below this will be helpful. As is true for most plants with small seeds, the young plants are small when they first germinate, so for the first month or so keep away from heavy rains.

100 seeds