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Nepeta racemosa 'Select'


  • Catmint Lamiaceae:

  • This form has richer colored blue-purple flowers and a more upright habit. The gray-green foliage makes a cool backdrop for the flowers. Nepeta racemose 'Select' is used as a very nice ground cover, or used as a mass planting. it is less sprawling than other selections, and is very attractive to honeybees. Long flowering with blooming starting in late spring and flowers still produced until late summer. Grows a little shorter than 2 feet tall. Low maintenance, long lived perennial easy to grow from seed. Best in full sun in soils low in nitrogen, shade and rich soils produce taller plants with fewer flowers. Shearing off one-third of the plants tops after their first flush of bloom is finished encourages a more robust second flush of flowers later in the summer and a neater habit.

  • Zones 3-8

  • 50 seeds