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Ocimum basilicum 'Cinamonette' (Cinnamon Basil)


Cinnamon Basil has the same ingredient as cinnamon: methyl cinnamate and since it also has a traditional basil flavor, it produces a spicy-sweet combination, making it useful as a flavoring in baked goods, in pastas, and in salads. It is used in teas and baked goods such as cookies and pies. It is also used in jellies, and vinegars. Outside the kitchen, cinnamon basil is used in dried arrangements and as a potpourri. Cinnamon Basil grows up to 3 feet tall and wide in the garden, but can grown in containers or kept more contained with regular pruning. A fast-growing, distinctive herb with a deep red central stem and small, toothy, dark green foliage. It has pinkish lavender flowers. Mostly grown as an annual. Does best in full sun, in well draining but moisture retentive soils that are on the rich side.

Zones 8-11

100 seeds