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Oenothera acaulis var. aurea


[O. taraxacifolia] Dandelion-Leaved Sundrop  Onagraceae: 

A low growing species with bright yellow, fragrant, flowers and rich green, lanceolate, some-what dandelion shaped leaves. This species is low growing and grow 4 inches tall, blooms in early summer.  The flowers open in the evening and since the flowers are large one can watch as the flower open in a matter of a few minutes.  Later, four-angled seedpods are produced, which are also attractive. Deer resistant and drought tolerant once established. Nice trailing habit making it useful as a ground cover or rock garden subject. Plants can be short lived but self seed enough to keep comming back year after year. 

Zones 5-9

Surface sow the seeds, light needed for best germination, use F60-70, germination in 10-30 days. If no germination move to 32-39F for 6 weeks then back to 65F.

30 seeds