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SKU: PHH1 Polygonatum humile

Polygonatum humile
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  • SKU: PHH1 Polygonatum humile

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Dwarf Solomon’s Seal

Polygonatum humile

pol-ig-on-AY-tum HEW-mih-lee

Polygonatum humile is a spreading rhizomatous perennial native to eastern Europe and western Asia. Plants have ovate-shaped leaves arranged alternately on the short stems growing 4 to 6 inches tall. The white-cream flowers are hanging, and tubular - like little bells produced from the leaf axils. If you have more than one clone, plants may produce round bluish-black fruit. Plants do best in open shade with moist, but well-drained, organic soils. Grow in a shady border, rock garden, or woodland, this species spreads very readily to form dense spreading clumps. 

Attractive ground cover for a woodland garden, combining well with small ferns and small Hosta. 


Bare root clump (5+ stems)