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Lychnis sibirica



Good sized, white colored flowers with nochted petals. The flowers have five petals and have a round pin-wheel look to them, with each petal is deeply noched in the middle with rounded edges. Plants grow 8 to 15 inches tall and have short narrow leaves that are low growing.

Zones 3-8

Native to northern Chine, Mongolia and Siberia. Were it is found growing in open woodlands, rocky grasslands and on hill sides. Surfaces sow seeds and use F 70, germination in 4-20 days. Once seeds start to germinate sprinkle a little seed mix over the top of them. If no germination move to 30-39F 4 weeks then back to F 70. If you have less than 50% germination - Allow the medium to dry out and store dry for a month or two then water again. Keep your seed trays/pots for a year after transplanting out your seedlings. Some seeds respond to cycles of drying.

100 seeds