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Rodgersia aesculifolia


(rod-JER-zee-ah: ess-kew-lih-FOE-lee-ah)

Rodgersia aesculifolia has attractive palmate, wrinkled leaves that can nearly 2 feet wide. The textured, bronze tinted leaves have red veins and leaf stalks are reddish-brown. Distinctive two-foot-long, upright flower spikes with pinkish to near white flowers are produced in mid summer. This species has a unique look in the garden and is best grown in humus rich soils that are on the damp side. It can be grown in full sun, but the soils must not dry out otherwise the plants can burn. Plants that do not bloom after a few years in the garden indicate that the soil is to dry during the growing season, best in partial shade. When grown well, they make a stand out addition to the landscape, planted by water, in a woodland, or in other moist garden sites.


Surface sow seeds and keep at 65-75F ,germination starts in 10 days and can be spread-out over a few months. Keep medium moist at all times.

100 seeds