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Aruncus dioicus

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Tall creamy-white colored heads of flowers in early summer. Best in moist well drained soils in open shade with intermittent direct sun. Attractive yellow-green foliage, remove old flowers after blooming to tidy up clumps. Blooms from 4 to 7 feet tall, nice as a tall display in a shade garden. Plants look somewhat like a large Astilbe, with similar looking compound leaves and spiky heads of flowers, better blooming in soils that are not always moist. When done blooming the flowers spikes take on a dry withered look that is not near as appealing as the green heads of Astilbe though. In late spring and early summer, well grown plants put on a spectacular display that is noticed from some distance away.

Zones 4-9

Native to eastern USA were it is found growing in bluffs, wooded slopes, rocky and moist woodlands and along ravines.

300 seeds