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Salvia argentea


Silver Sage (sal-VEE-a: ar-GEN-tee-a)

Flat rosettes up to 3 feet wide of large, textured, silver-white colored, furry, broad, 6 to 8 inch long leaves. Flowers are produced in whorles around the 30 to 40 Inche tall stems, the claw shaped flowers are white in color (often tinted with yellow). Sow in late winter/early spring for a very impressive display of leaves the first year and flowers in summer the next year. Use in full sun (in the north) and part shade (in the south) in soils that are well draining, plants will not do that well under hot-humid conditions. Plants are by nature biennials or short-lived perennials, being monocarpic by nature. But if the flower stalks are removed before the plants make seed, they will often live and bloom for more than three. The species name means 'Silver like'

Zones (4) 5-9

Native to southern Europe. Use 65-75ºF with germination starting in a few weeks and spread-out over a number of weeks. Surface sow seeds, light needed for best results.

30 seeds