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Adenophora bulleyana


Lady Bells (a-den-O-fo-ra : bul-ee-YAH-nuh) CAMPANULACEAE:

This is the normal light blue form, plants grow 35 inches tall and almost snake their way up through other plants. A good garden subject for its attractive bell shaped flowers in mid summer. The flowers are charming little bells resembling a Campanula. To me it is one of those plants that are attractive in a dainty sort of way; the flowers are produced later in summer. The foliage is mostly basil with small-reduced leaves on the stems and a greenish-yellow color. Plant in full sun in moister retentive soil that are well draining or in light shade. Plants bloom in late summer and should bloom the second year. Adenophora bulleyana produces a thick-fleshy white root and once established does not like to be disturbed.

Zones 3-8

Native to Western China, Eurasia and Japan. Surface sow and germinate the seeds around F45-50, Higher temps will produce poorer results. Germination is irregular, occurring over a period of 1-8 weeks. A good subject to sow in late winter out and keep the tray outside for germination in spring while the soil medium is still cool.

100 seeds