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Agastache scrophulariifolia 'Blue Licorice'


Purple Giant Hyssop (ah-gas-TAH-kee: skrof-yoo-lar-ee-eye-FOH-lee-uh) LAMIACEAE:

The genus name means something to the effect of 'very much like a spike'. Plants bloom in ten weeks from sowing and have strongly anise-scented foliage. Agastache scrophulariifolia 'Blue Licorice' has blue flowers which are produced in mid summer into late fall. The long flower spikes are 6 to 8 inches in lenght and densely packed with good sized flowers. Plants grow 3-4 feet tall and bloom for many weeks from mid summer to late summer with some flowers produced into late fall, the plants look nice even after done flowering and if dead-headed they will flower all fall but produce shorter spikes. Bushy plants with nice dense form and lots of spikes, loved by bees and the scent of the foliage is somewhat intoxicating. Full sun-in well drained soils but will grow well in part shade too. Blooms the first year, the blue color is darkest during cool weather, so a sowing in late spring will produce attractive darker blue blooming plants in late summer and fall.

Zones 4-9

Sow at F 70, germination in 5-15 days, Surface sow, light helps with germination. If no germination in the above time: Use 8 weeks at 39F, move to 68F. Easy to grow in well drained but rich moisture retentive soils.

The species to native from China, with this selection most likely some type of hybrid.

300 seeds