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Acanthus mollis

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Bear's Breeches (ah-CAN-thus: MAWL-iss) Acanthaceae:

Plants grow 36 inches tall or more, with large deeply lobed leaves that are very Attractive. The flowers are rose, lilac or white and are contained in an 18-inch spike. Clump forming with dark-green leaves that have shiny undersides. Large, deeply lobed leaves have prickly textured edges to them. Plants have very decorative dark green foliage with large 15-18 inches long leaves and stiff spines. Grow in moist, well draining soils in full sun to part shade. Plants grow into large spreading clumps with large, deep roots. Once established, plants can be propagated from root cuttings. Seedlings have a good growth rate and will grow into good-sized plants the first year that can be planted into the landscape. Blooms the second or third year.

Zones (5)6-10

Scratch seed with a nail and then soak in warm water for three days, changing the water every eight hours with fresh warm water. Sow by covering the seed completely, darkness needed for best results, germination is often in 10 days at F 70 but can be spread-out over a few months too. This depends on how fresh the seeds are, new seeds take a long time to germinate and old seed is happy to germinate quicker. One can also leave the seeds out to dry for a few weeks before soaking.

10 seeds