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Silene suksdorfii


Suksdorf's Silene or Cascade Alpine Campion Caryophyllaceae:

Perennial plants are cespitose, with decumbent subterranean shoots. Plants grow 6 inches or so tall and have soft pink to white flowers with large bladders. The bladders have reddish pink ribs. Blooms July and August. An alpine species with inflated calyx of fused sepals, which are purple-veined and also marked with purplish glandular hairs. The petals are white or purple-tinged and the plants grow from a woody caudex. Each plant has a number of upright stems that grow up to 10 or 15 centimeters tall. Plants will bloom some the first year with an early sowing.

Native to (CA, ID, OR and WA) of the USA

50 seeds