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Telekia speciosa

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Telekia speciosa'. Please check back later.

Ox-eye Daisy

Large light green leaves with golden-orange daisy flowers with narrow petals. Leaves are attractive and aromatic. This is a large plant growing up to 5.5 feet tall, use in light shade. Nice planted next to a large rock or fence. Easy. Nice cut flower but short lived. The leaves are like very large rhubarb leaves but a soft yellow green color. Were happy plants will self seed. Useful in an open woodland in soils that are damp or moisture retentive. Long lived growing into clumps. After flowers one can leaves the seed heads on as an interesting dried "flower" or cut the plant back and generate a bushy clump of nice fresh foliage. Flowering takes about two years of growth from seed. Plants can be divide and are durable, just cut rhizomes into pieces each having a growing point, this can be done in spring to late summer.

Zones 3-9

Germination at 60 to 65F takes 14 to 20 days.

50 seeds