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Teucrium canadense


American Germander (TEW-kree-um: ka-na-DEN-see) Lamiaceae:

Teucrium canadense is a perennial plant that grows around three feet tall, with a stout central stem that has four prominent ridges. The opposite, broadly ovate or lanceolate, leaves are up to 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. The foliage is coarsely serrated. Each stem ends with a terminal spike of many small, white or light lavender flowers that have purple markings near the base of the lower lip. This species likes to grow in full or partial sun, under moist conditions, in fertile loamy soil. Tolerant of poorly drained soils, but not tolerant of dry soils. It can spread aggressively under moist conditions, and may become weedy. Flowers July and August.

Zones 4-10