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Tricyrtis hirta 'Miyazaki'


These plants form handsome, three feet tall, arching clumps with orchid-like flowers. Blooming occurs in the fall. Plants grow best in part shade to shade where soils are moisture retentive. Flowers are light purple with dark purple spots ( a few plants have pure white flowers). A number of different types will come from this seed with many having dense collections of spots and others with few spots. I love the long arching stems that are just loaded with flowers in late fall. Great as a cut flower, or pick single flowers off the stem and float them in a bowl of water on the table. Plants will bloom the second year and after a few years will grow into a large multi-stemmed clump with very graceful stems. Grow in moist soils that are not wet, in light shade. A most valuable addition to the shade garden for their late blooming and graceful texture.

Zones 4-8

The seeds of Tricyrtis hirta 'Miyazaki' germinate best when surface sown and kept at 70F for 3 weeks then moved to the fridge for 5 weeks, then move to F 55 for germination in 1-5 weeks, can be slow so be patient.

50 seeds