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Thymus serpyllum 'Magic Carpet'


Wild Thyme (thii-mus: sir-PHIL-lum)

A dwarf prostrate sub-shrub growing to 4 inches tall, with flowers whorled in rounded heads. Very useful for rock gardens, wall plantings or a ground-cover. Plant together with Delosperma cooperi, Gypsophila cerastioides, and Sedum spurium. This is a selection that produces very consistent 2 inch tall plants with carmine-pink flowers. Blooming from spring through early summer. As a welcome bonus, plants have a lemon scent to the leaves. Grows best on the dry side-wet soils will cause the plants to rot, and in soils that are not overly rich in nitrogen. Full sun to light shade.

Zones (4)5-8

Native to northern Europe.

Seeds are small so do not cover - use 65-70 F with germination in a few days.

100+ seeds