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Viola corsica

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Corsican violet VIOLACEAE:

A choice small species with decumbent stems (means that the stems come out from the plant and lay down and the ends of the stems grow upward)with many blue flowers. Blooms well the first year and puts on a very showy display the second year, starting in late spring and blooming throughout the summer. I like to mix them in pots and baskets were their long stems tumble over the edges and the large open-faced flowers face outwards - a good choice. Full sun to half-day shade. Blooms all summer into fall. Flowers include all blue, some with light markings and others with white 'lips' with lighter face markings. Flowers are held up 5 to 7 inches off the ground during flowering and plants grow to be 8 to 10 inches wide. Best in full sun or some light shade, we have a few plants that have been growing in shade most of the day and they struggle and become long and leggy but have lived for three years that way and have bloomed a little. But in full sun the number of flowers produced cover the plants in solid clouds of blue.

Zones 4-8

Native to the grassy areas of Corsica.

50 seeds