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Veronica gentianoides


'Gentian Speedwell'

Plants grow 18 inches tall and produce soft blue flowers in early summer. These plants have larger flowers than other Veronicas and each flower is said to look like a butterfly. Flowers are a very light blue, more an off white with a blue tint to them. The flowers are produced in terminal spikes, with multiple spikes per plant. Plants have large attractive basel leaves that are smooth and dark green with a glossy sheen - making them different from other Veronicas that have leaves with teeth. The basil leaves persist through the winter and form a nice green mat in the spring. The upright stems grow 18 inches tall and the flowers cover 4 to 10 inches of the stems. Easy to grow plants that bloom the second year in early summer. Creeping rootstocks form nice dense mats over a few years. Veronica gentianoides is nice for the front of the border and rock garden. Use in full sun in well draining soils that stay moist, plants do not like really dry soils. Worthy of a place in the garden, even though not grown too often for some reason, maybe they are not yet that well know, not a stunningly showy plant from a distance but attractive and useful. Will bloom the second year but grow into nice clumps with attractive foliage the first year.

Zones (3)4-7

Surface sow seeds, light needed for best results at 70 F, if no germination in 4 weeks, move to the fridge for 4 weeks , then back to 70 F.

50 seeds