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Veronica spicata spp. nana 'Blue Carpet'

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Veronica spicata spp. nana 'Blue Carpet''. Please check back later.

(ver-OHN-i-kah) Scrophulariaceae.

This is a great shorter form that is useful as a ground cover, the foliage forms a nice thick mat. Plants grow 2 to 6 inches tall when in flower and 12 inches wide with nice medium-dark blue colored flowers in many spikes. Blooms from early summer to frost, deadhead every few weeks to promote more flower production. Use in quickly draining, gravely soils in full sun.

Zones 3-8

The species is native from Europe and Central Asia. Seeds germinate rather irregularly over a number of week (1-7 weeks). Lower temperatures of less than +5°C (41°F) are very effective for breaking seed dormancy and initiating germination, once germination begins slowly move to 55 to 60F for growth. Seed trays should not be discarded for at least 6 months and kept moist but not wet.

100 seeds