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This is my link page to sites dealing with Trilliums.
Trilliums are very choice woodland plants- A true joy to find growing in the woods in the spring.

This site has some nice pictures and a good overview of the Trillium genus.

A site with an over view of the Family, lots of pictures and links about Trilliums. Did I say lots of pictures?! this is the place to start if you want to learn more in-depth info on this group of wonderful plants.

Lots of Picts of Trilliums and links too!  Plus join the Trillium and woodland discussion list.

This is a nice detailed over view of trillium ovatum.

From the same site as above- a nice article on Trillium Grandiflora.

Another site with some brief info on trillium ovatum.

Again another site with some brief info on trillium ovatum.

Should Trilliums have their own family, well here is the details. this site is for those that like Botany.

 RELICT TRILLIUM (Trillium reliquum) This trillium is an endangered species- here is the details.

Here is a small, very small tidbit on trillium erectum.

Northern California Native Wildflowers.  Here are a few California Native wildflowers. These photos were taken at parks in Santa Clara County, probably all in Rancho San Antonio, near Deer Hollow Farm. Giant Wake Robin Trillium chloropetalum.

Propagation of the rare Trillium persistens in vitro: growing Trilliums by using tissue culture.

Here you will find great pictures of the trilliums listed in the list below NICE!!  This site uses thumbs-so please click the first image that shows up to get a larger shot of the picture. When you get to the site type in 'Trillium' into the search box at the bottom of the screen , then click on the words that say "Trillium.list" Below is a list of some of the Trillium pictures they have.- Enjoy!
Trillium catesbaei J. R. Manhart
 Trillium chloropetalum  Brother Alfred Brousseau
 Trillium chloropetalum giganteum Brother Alfred Brousseau
 Trillium discolor J. R. Manhar
 Trillium erectum  John Coiner
 Trillium erectum 2 Robb Smith
Trillium gracile  J. R. Manhart
Trillium ovatum  Paul Slichter
Trillium sessile John Coiner
Trillium undulatum  John Coiner

Here is an extensive Picture gallery for Trilliums, very nice site to.

Another site with pictures of Trilliums and other interesting plants.

Here you will find some trillium for sale (seed raised) - Please do not buy wild collected Trilliums or other rare plants!!!

Another web site with pictures of the  Trilliums growing in the southern Appalachians.

Here is a 'Plant Key' to help you Identify the Trillium species you find in the USA.

Just a paper trail here. Region: India - Sikkim State: Trillium tschonoskii  Maxim: Threatened plants. scroll down and you will find the listing under LILIACEAE.

Trillium chloropetalum a small note with picture in german.

More  Art.

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