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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do you ship:

We start shipping in mid to late april and can ship until October. Plants shipped later in the year are mostly from one gallon pots. Spring plants maybe smaller bare root plants that if planted correctly should do well the first year and most should bloom later in the season.

Q. What days do you ship:

We generally ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday - this should be enough time to receive the plants before the weekend, so they can be planted in a reasonable time for optimal success.

Q. What shipping methoids do you use:

Orders are shipped using UPS or USPS, and you should receive an email shipping confirmation with a tracking number when your order ships.

Q. How do I Plant my new plants:

Each order should have a printed direction sheet(s) for the type of plant you are receiving. Generally, you want to plant in the ground or a pot as soon as possible, water in well, and keep well watered until established in its new home. Most plant failures can be attributed to under-watering for the first two months, also make sure your new plant is not overcome by weeds.

Q. Should I fertlize my new plants:

No, it is best to fertilize after your new plants are established. Overfertilizing generally does more harm than under-fertilizing. Once your plants are established and fully leafed out - a weak solution of liquid fertilizer, or a slow-release fertilizer, can be applied around the plant. A balanced fertilizer is best, something like 10-10-10. Do not use lawn fertilizers, which are mostly Nitrogen.