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Shipping and Return Policy

We normally ship seed orders within 3 to 16 days, depending on the workload and if we have to obtain and process and run germination tests on new seeds. All USA seed orders have the same $2.95 charge for shipping/handling. International orders all have the same $6.65 shipping cost, make sure that all items are allowed for importation into your country before ordering.

Shipping and processing costs have greatly increased over the last two years but we are maintaining the same shipping rate of $2.95 for all US seed orders. We will ship seeds worldwide but the shipping charges that the Post office now charges forces us to increase International shipping to $6.65 US, which covers the cost of the postage. For international orders, please understand and obey your countries restrictions for importation of seeds. All international orders are marked as "Horticulture Seeds" or contain the scientific name of the species shipped. Most Countries will have a restricted list of plants and seeds, which may be found at the countries Agriculture authorities website.

We try to obtain the best seeds we can and the amount listed as the amount of seeds is the minimum seed contained in a packet- most will have more, if a seed lot has a germination less than 70-80 percent we will include extra seed.

If you have questions about seed quality- please let us know and we will test the seed and obtain new seed and replace any seed that is found to be defective in germination. We do not guarantee success with any seed sold, because a number of the seeds have very specialized conditions that need to be meet before germination and it is outside of our control if those conditions have been meet. We offer a number of more difficult to germinate seeds, which many seed companies do not offer because they are a greater challenge to germinate or to grow. Because of this it is a trade-off between a 100 percent blanket guarantee and a limited one. In no cases will we be responsible for more than the cost of the seed sold.