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Allium - Onions

Large group of bulbous plants, with over 600 species that can be found growing in varied habitats. Most of the species are from the northern hemisphere with 96 species in North America. A large number of different species are grown as ornamental plants in the rock gardens and perennial borders. They can be found growing in many different habitats from dry to moist, most are sun lovers but there are a number that grow in shade too. The seeds of most Allium species are what are called "Cold Germinators" or "Frost Germinators" - for the seeds to germinate they need a few weeks of warm moist conditions to take in water and oxygen. Then the seeds need a number of weeks of cold to break down chemicals in the seed that prevent germination. Once those chemicals are gone the seeds will germinate. Our seeds have been stored at 34F, and sometimes some of the seeds will germinate during the warm period -- those seedlings should be removed before moving the rest of the seeds to the cold. The seeds should be sown onto a moist seed medium and left at room temperature for 4 weeks, after 4 weeks they should be moved to 25-39F for 6 weeks, were many of the seeds will germinate, after 6 weeks move to F 55 were the rest of the seeds will germinate in a few weeks. The species and cultivars that have been under cultivation for long time, often have "lost" seed dormancy.

Code Name Image Price  
ALL4-A1 Allium amphibolum   $3.00
ALLI-CA Allium canadense var. lavandulare   $2.95
ALC3-A1 Allium cyathophorum   $2.95
AA2 Allium jesdianum   $2.95
4AL1 Allium karataviense Allium karataviense $2.95
AALM-A1 Allium lusitanicum   $2.95
APL-A8 Allium platycaule   $3.95
4AL2-A8 Allium ramosum   $2.50
ALSC-A6 Allium schoenoprasum Allium schoenoprasum $2.00
AA7T-A6 Allium senescens 'Tanguticum'   $2.45
ASSM-A7 Allium senescens ssp. montanum   $2.45
ALLSN Allium schoenoprasum 'Poyvit' Allium schoenoprasum 'Poyvit' $2.00